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Local history association Maas- en Swalmdal manages thousands of documents, an important part of which can be consulted via the media bank. These documents mainly relate to her work area (Swalmen, Beesel and Belfeld) . The media bank is the online platform for the presentation of the collections

These collections have been obtained through, among other things, own production and donations from private individuals or institutions and are digitized, described and presented with the greatest possible care . The local history association has no commercial objective and focuses exclusively on knowledge sharing and knowledge development in the local history disciplines practiced, in order to promote education and knowledge and to stimulate research. The view of the material is therefore free of charge . E ventuele additions or changes you can use the button 'react' to pass us.

Maas- en Swalmdal has made reasonable efforts to take all measures not to infringe the copyright or image rights of individual photographers, companies or institutions and to respect existing rights. If accidental copyright or other rights have been violated or are you asked us about it by e-mail ( info @ mesh-enswalmdal ) using the test button or by letter to inform quoting the relevant ID number so we can rectify this error.

The images shown may not be used for commercial applications without permission from Maas- en Swalmdal . For commercial application, the provision of visual material is possible after consultation about the use and the costs to be charged.

Private person surcharge of € 2. 50 per photo , and once € 5:00 Treat e ment costs a digita all file or print obtain a certain picture after their requests by e-mail info @ mesh and After the payment has been made to the photos digitally or by mail sent .

Privacy statement

In order to be able to respond to questions and requests, the local history association needs personal information from you. This information, at least name and e-mail address, will be treated carefully and confidentially. Unless required by law, Maas- en Swalmdal will not provide user data to third parties. Further general information is recorded, such as the most requested page ' s or topics . These data cannot be traced back to a single person. The aim is to optimize the media bank and to better respond to the needs of our website visitors.

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About the media bank

Heemkundevereniging Meuse and Swalmdal manages thousands of documents about her work which largely through them to consult media bank. These documents have been digitized, described and presented with the greatest possible care . If you nevertheless believe that copyright or other rights are being infringed inadvertently, you are requested to inform us about this. For private persons it is possible to order digital files for a fee. For commercial application and adjusted rates apply.

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